Policyutveckling: The Struggle for a Free Palestine

Medverkande:  Moderator. Evin Incir, International Leader, SSU, Speakers: Mr. Pierre Schori, President of the Olof Palme Memorial Fund and Former Deputy Prime Minister, Ms. Hanin Khoury, IUSY Vice President, Palestine, Mr. Tomer Reznik, President, Young Meretz

This seminar is not meant to be a discussions about word definitions or get stuck in arguments rooted to history. This seminar is gonna talk about action for peace! How is peace in Israel and Palestine created? What are the solutions for a conflict that seems to many never-ending, and what responsibility carries the international community? It is a seminar on finding a solution of today. What needs to be done order to end the occupation and oppression the palestinien people are going through.

Seminariet är en del i SSUs policyutvecklingsarbete och du som deltagare kommer att ha möjlighet att göra inspel och ställa frågor som förbundsstyrelsen tar med sig i det fortsatta programarbetet.

Om evenemanget

Plats:  Studiegården
Dag:  Lördag 11 aug
Tid:  17:0018:30
Kategori:  Föreläsning