Policyutveckling: Belarus: Europe´s Last Dictatorship

Medverkande:  Moderator: Emma Larsson, International Leader, SSU. Speakers: Ms. Ina Panchkouskaya, MSD-MH, Belarus, Axel Ingvarsson, SSF

Belarus is known as the last dictatorship in Europe and the regime is constantly violating the habitants human rights. This week we can read in the newspaper how the Swedish Embassy has been kicked out from the country because of their work for democracy and human rights. This seminar will make a historical overview of the political situation in the country and discuss the international communities important interference for a democratic development.

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Plats:  Studiegården
Dag:  Lördag 11 aug
Tid:  15:0016:15
Kategori:  Föreläsning